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Short english sum-up (mostly for the remote contribution topic)

Just For Fun, TFP and Cultures.Com (a non-profit organisation) organize a little demo-party, the "JFF Convention 2", near Orléans, France on the 27th and 28th of October 2001.

If you don't plan to come but wish to present a demo at the competition, you can do it ! Just mail it to demo@j-f-f.net and we will show it (if it doesn't suck too much and if we manage to make it run) ! And mail it before October, 21st ! Note too that no prizes will be given for remote contributions...

The competition machines are as follow :

  • P3-700, 256 Mb, Geforce 2 Pro 64 Mb (driver, DirectX, OpenGL : latest official version (WHQL)), SB PCI 128 / Gus MAX 1Mb, Dos / Win98 / Win2k
  • Amiga 1200 030/50, 16 Mb Fast, OS 3.0
  • Amiga 500, 1 Mb, OS 1.3
  • Atari 1040 STE, 4 Mb
  • Thomson TO8, 256 Kb

Please include a 640*480 version of your demo to make sure we can show it on the big screen !
Beware ! We accept NO remote contributions other than demos (NO gfx, NO music !)

Mail us if you need more information... You can also check the French version of the site if you can understand french...

May the fun be with you !

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